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With PCOS it’s crucial that you are getting enough of the right vitamins and nutrients. PCOS can create many vitamin deficiencies leaving you feeling off and unbalanced.


Hey Cysters! It’s Emily, I am the Founder here at Hey Cysters. I am a PCOS Warrior and spent countless hours, months, researching the perfect supplement blends of ingredients along with the help of two specialized doctors.


Here is a quick line-up of our supplement products:


Luxe Hot Chocolate: was created specifically for men & women to help reduce inflammation, boost immunity, and boost your mood all while tasting so decadent. Think of the most delicious hot chocolate but with added health benefits. 


BalanceHER capsules and powder: supplement blend to help support healthy hormone levels, fertility, menstrual cycles, and ovarian health.


StabilizeHER capsules and powder: supplement blend for men and women to help improve Insulin levels, lower inflammation, and reduce cravings.


Our products will always be Gluten free • Dairy free • Soy free • Sugar free • Keto friendly • Natural ingredients • 30 Day supply


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💛 Full supplement product line to help ease PCOS symptoms on the SHOP ALL tab on our website! We have merch now too!! Check out our PCOS apparel and swag on the site.

💛 Reach out to us anytime if you need any assistance or want to say hey. Email us at: letschat@heycysters.com

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*We advise all viewers to first consult with their doctor or qualified health professional for any specific health related questions. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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